‘Ekahi Care Management will develop disease management, care management, and well-being programs tailored for the communities it serves.  Programs will be designed in collaboration with community partners.

A key component to this care delivery system is the ‘Ekahi Community Record.  The ‘Ekahi Community Record is a tool available to the entire ‘Ekahi Health System to provide access to a patient’s complete medical history and record. This tool enables clinicians to coordinate care with other clinicians as they are sharing the same record and aims to improve patient experience with less redundancies and errors due to an incomplete view of a patient’s medical history. It also provides analytics to make data-driven decisions to identify areas for improvement and development of programs.

The synergy between ‘Ekahi Care Management, ‘Ekahi Integrated Practices, and the ‘Ekahi Community Record, will allow for the development of flexible, coordinated programs that are tailored for the specific needs of the community.


Ornish Reversal Program

‘Ekahi Health System is proud to offer the Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease™, the only scientifically proven program to stop the progression and even reverse the effects of heart disease.

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