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Central Medical Clinic


Ekahi Wellness | Diabetes Care Beyond the Clinic Walls


A dynamic family of doctors & specialists delivering primary & wellness care

‘Ekahi Health is an innovative healthcare delivery organization that provides comprehensive, community-based care. We are thrilled to have Oahu’s largest, highest performing, multispecialty clinic in our family, Central Medical Clinic, who has been serving the people of Hawaii for over 65 years. We were also the first organization in the state to offer Dr. Ornish’s Program For Reversing Heart Disease™ which is scientifically-proven to stop the progression – and even reverse – the effects of heart disease by teaching participants to modify their eating habits, manage stress, enhance their fitness regimens, and strengthen their personal support system.

We are also proud to offer to Hawaii comprehensive diabetes support and training…all under one roof, with our `Ekahi Wellness program. Our multidisciplinary team utilizes innovative tools, technology, and education to help better manage diabetes.

Career Opportunities

‘Ekahi Heath is looking for qualified professionals who share our vision in transforming the way healthcare is delivered in Hawaii.

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