About Us

At ‘Ekahi Health, we aim to empower our patients to take care of their health and lives. We’re so committed to that promise, we put it in our name! And our vision for better health care doesn’t stop there.

We strive to be the one and only place you need to go to for all your health care needs.

When you join the ‘Ekahi Health family, you get access to a team of health care providers who are dedicated to every part of your care, from managing any health conditions to filling prescriptions to helping you handle stress.

Our Growing Family

Through our parent company, ‘ike, we have access to global technology and healthcare resources. This allows us to integrate innovative technology into the ways we provide your care, balanced by the traditional Hawaiian values of mālama, caring for one another, and ‘ohana, drawing strength from family.

In 2015, Central Medical Clinic (CMC) joined ‘Ekahi Health to provide patient-centered primary care to Oahu residents. With nearly 70 years of experience in serving generations of families, comprehensive care is second nature to CMC’s staff.

For New Patients

Please call us at (808) 523-8611 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. If you are interested in learning more about the Wellness team, please call (808) 777-4000